When you’re in need of plumbing services in Clearwater, FL, call the expert plumbers at Experts Plumbing Services, LLC. When it comes to your Clearwater plumbing, leaks spring up, clogs are created and old parts wear out, requiring that they be replaced with new ones – this is just the way of life. When this happens, our Clearwater plumbers are here to help with expert plumbing service and advise for systems you can rely on.

Call our Clearwater plumbers right away to schedule plumbing services in Clearwater, FL. We service many different plumbing systems including piping, water heaters, commercial plumbing, drains, sewers, water treatment systems and more!

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Clearwater homeowners rely on their plumbing systems to enjoy the daily conveniences of modern life. You never know when a plumbing repair call is going to be needed, and those leaks and clogs can’t always wait. Whether you run into a clog in your drain, a leak in any part of your plumbing system or a breakdown of any sort give our plumbers a call. We’ll have an expert out in no time to making the necessary plumbing repairs to your home. We also offer plumbing installation and maintenance services for long–lasting performance. Contact us right away to schedule plumbing services in Clearwater, FL and the surrounding area.

Plumbing Repair Services in Clearwater, FL Are Just a Phone Call Away

The plumbing system in your home is not really something that you can tolerate an unreliable performance from. Leaks, backups, and any other problems really must be resolved as soon as possible. That means scheduling prompt and professional plumbing repairs in Clearwater, FL.

Our plumbers are the ones that you can trust to do the job right, no matter the size of the job. Plumbing maintenance, leak detection, leak repairs, burst pipes–whatever you need, we can provide it. Contact us today with any concerns that you may have. 

Clearwater Drain & Sewer Services

When you encounter a clogged drain, the natural first step is to buy a chemical cleanser at the local store, or perhaps a drain snake from a home improvement center. In almost every case, these are only partial solutions. Here in Clearwater, we can cover any drain cleaning issues you may have with professional equipment and the kind of experience that takes care of the problem the right way the first time. We also handle more extensive sewer cleaning services. To learn more about our clearwater drain and sewer services, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Like your HVAC systems, it’s also a smart idea to schedule regular plumbing maintenance to avoid the need for repairs. When you work with Experts Plumbing Services, LLC to schedule regular drain cleaning services, you’re far less likely to see damage in piping underground or within hard–to–reach areas of your home.

Water Heater Services in Clearwater, FL

Most people in Clearwater are accustomed to traditional tank water heaters, which do their jobs quietly and effectively. But they’re not the only model out there. Tankless water heaters, heat pump water heaters and similar models are also common, all with the same task as a tank model and all requiring expert help when trouble arises. We’re ready to go whenever you need water heater repairs and installation, and can provide timely servicing to stop big problems when they’re still small and manageable. Contact the plumbers at Experts Plumbing Services, LLC for professional water heater services in Clearwater, FL and the surrounding area.

Do You Need Bathroom Plumbing Services?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our professional plumbers have what it takes to keep your bathroom plumbing system functioning properly. From sink plumbing to toilet repairs, bath installations, and shower repairs, we do it all.

The bathroom is probably the most frequent point of use for your plumbing system as a whole. For obvious reasons, any issues with your bathroom plumbing in Clearwater, FL can really bring your day grinding to a halt. Contact us to schedule service.


A bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel can be extremely exciting, turning a dull or impractical space into something that truly enhances your home. But to do it right, you need an experienced plumber who can marry the pie–in–the–sky ideals of remodeling operations with the practical needs of your bathroom or kitchen’s plumbing systems. We’re ready to go with projects both big and small and will work overtime to ensure your remodeling project is exactly what you want it to be. Give us a call for your remodel project for excellent plumbing installation services in Clearwater, FL.


Commercial spaces have much different plumbing needs than residential spaces here in Clearwater, especially with restaurants and food service businesses. A plumbing service can’t just transpose skills pertinent to residential buildings and expect that to fly. At Experts Plumbing Services, LLC, we come ready with extensive experience with commercial plumbing repair, commercial water heaters, grease traps and any other part of your commercial plumbing system in need of addressing. For regular servicing, emergency repairs and business–motivated upgrades, call on us every time to do the job right!

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From new plumbing installation to water heater repair and maintenance, the Clearwater plumbers at Experts Plumbing Services, LLC have you covered. To make an appointment, simply give us a call or fill out our quick and easy form to schedule plumbing services in Clearwater, FL.