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Why Is Hard Water a Serious Problem?

kid-and-dog-in-tubWhen a lot of people think of plumbing problems, they immediately think of issues such as water leaks, overflowing toilets, etc. There are other issues that can fly under the radar a bit, however, which are just as problematic. Hard water is one such issue. Hard water may not be a health threat, and it may not cause immediate damages the way that burst pipes can. If you think that this means you can afford to ignore the problem, though, we have some news for you.

Hard water can cause a lot of trouble if you give it the opportunity, and far too many homeowners do just that. Today, we’ll be covering the reasons hard water is such an issue, as well as what you can do to solve the problem. It’s really quite simple. Allow a member of our team to install a water softener in Clearwater, FL for you. That way, you can treat hard water throughout your home in a convenient and effective manner.

What Is Hard Water?

No, we’re not talking about ice. Hard water simply refers to water that has a higher than ideal amount of minerals in it, particularly calcium and magnesium. If you have a private water supply, you should have your water tested for a number of different pollutants, and will certainly learn if you have hard water. Just because you get your water from a municipal source, however, doesn’t mean it won’t be hard. Even if the water is clean and treated, after all, it can pick up such minerals on its travels to your home.

But Why Should I Care?

Like we said above, hard water is not a major health concern. It’s not as if these minerals are harmful pollutants, after all. The fact that you aren’t facing adverse health effects, however, does not mean you are not going to see some adverse effects on your plumbing system.

Have you ever noticed a greenish-white buildup on your plumbing fixtures? Have you ever thought, hey, that sure is ugly? That kind of buildup is the result of deposits left by hard water. By softening the water in your system, you can avoid such unsightly issues.

Even if you’re happy enough to just scrub such buildup away, there are other, more serious issues to consider. After all, those buildups may not be confined to the plumbing fixtures that you can see. Doesn’t it make sense that they may also build up within your pipes themselves?

When that happens, the area within the pipes is constricted, and that can cause pressure within your plumbing system to spike. This is not something that you want to happen, as it can lead to damage over time. Plus, you may have deposits building up on heating elements in the boiler or water heater, the dishwasher, etc. This is going to reduce the overall efficiency of such appliances/systems and put them at risk of damage.

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