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Who Needs Water Filtration?

woman-drinking-waterWell, that honestly depends on what you mean by “needs.” The fact of the matter is that, regardless of where you get your water from, be it a private well or a municipal supply, most if not all homes can benefit from a whole-house water filtration system in Tampa, FL and elsewhere. Why is this the case? Because there is typically always room for improvement! If you are going to be drinking tap water (and make no mistake, that expensive bottled water you buy in bulk is probably just filtered tap water) you want it to be as pure as possible.

Before we go any further, we also want to point out that we are not talking about those water filtration pitchers that are found in countless refrigerators throughout the country. Yes, these can be handy and give you some peace of mind. But if you’re so concerned about obtaining pure water for drinking, what about showering, washing dishes, and everything else? With a whole-house system, it’s not just the gallon in the fridge that is pure. It is all of the water coming from your fixtures and filling your appliances.

There Are Vulnerable Communities

Just as is the case with indoor air quality and those individuals with severe allergies or other respiratory issues, there are certain communities that definitely stand to benefit from whole-house water filtration systems. Those with compromised immune systems due to medical conditions or even the side effects of treatment for those conditions may be more susceptible to illness from microbes found in drinking water.

Women who are pregnant or residences with very young children—or, for that matter, very old residents—should also seriously consider the use of a water filtration system. This is not meant to be alarmist, and we are not telling you that you will definitely get sick without this type of system in place. In these scenarios, though, most will agree that it is better to be safe than sorry.

But My Water Is Already Treated, Right?

Assuming that you don’t use a private water source—and if you do, you should definitely have your water quality tested regularly—you are already receiving treated water from the municipality. However, there is a lot of ground to cover between the water treatment facility and your home. It is easy to imagine, then, that some contaminants may be picked up along the way.

It doesn’t have to be microorganisms that can make you sick, either. Your water may pick up a high level of mineral content on its travels, leading to an off taste or even issues with hard water in your home. In that case, using a water filtration system to improve water taste or a water softener to remove excess minerals makes a lot of sense. A reverse osmosis system, meanwhile, will do an incredibly effective job of removing countless contaminants from the water used throughout your home.

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