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Water Heater Spotlight: Lowboy Electric Water Heater

The water heater in your home is one of its most important appliances. It is also one of the hardest working. Just think of all that you use hot water for in your home, from taking a shower in the morning to running the dishwasher after dinner. You want a water heater that is not only reliable and effective, but also efficient.

This is precisely why we recommend that homeowners consider the use of a Lowboy electric water heater from Bradford White. These residential electric water heaters have much to offer homeowners. Read on, and remember that our water heater technicians are here to install your system correctly when the time comes.

Why Choose a Lowboy Electric Water Heater?

There are a few reasons to choose a Lowboy model electric water heater from Bradford White. They are ideal for installation in tight spaces, as they are very compact. If there is little headroom, or if the area has a low ceiling that would prohibit the installation of a traditional upright tank water heater, the Lowboy is the way to go.

Lowboy electric water heaters also feature a protective magnesium anode rod, which helps to prevent corrosion. The copper screw type immersion element allows for direct heat transfer with the water, boosting efficiency and performance levels. The low restriction brass drain valve is very durable, and automated controls allow for automatic temperature control and the prevention of overheating.

Bradford White tanks are lined with an enamel formula that is exclusively engineered. This protects the tank from corrosion, helping to ensure a long lifespan from the system. The non-CFC foam insulation covering the sides and top of the tank also help to reduce heat loss and to boost efficiency.

If you have any questions about the Lowboy electric water heater, or if you are ready for any water heater services in Tarpin Springs, FL, just give Experts Plumbing Services, LLC a call.

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