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Tank Water Heater Components: The Anode Rod

The tank water heater is a relatively straightforward appliance. Water is stored in an insulated tank. That water is heated by a burner or electrical elements. The hot water is used as needed.

There is more to the tank water than meets the eye, though: literally! One of the most important components in a tank water is its anode rod. You may not be immediately familiar with this term, but it is one that you should get to know. Replacing the anode rod as needed will help to protect your tank water heater in New Port Richey, FL.

What Is an Anode Rod?

An anode rod is a rod that resides within the tank of a water heater. These rods are typically made of magnesium, aluminum, or a zinc/aluminum alloy. When you see replacement anode rods in a hardware store, they tend to be aluminum models. This rod enters the tank from the top, and simply sits within the tank to perform its function.

What Is Its Function?

A very important one. The anode rod is there to help prevent your hot water tank from rusting out. You probably know that steel rusts when in contact with water, right? Why, then, don’t hot water tanks frequently rust? There are 2 answers here.

First of all, most tanks are lined with a thin layer of glass. This helps to keep issues with rust at bay. Of course, glass can crack when exposed to high levels of heat. This is obviously the normal state of affairs in a hot water tank. That’s when the anode rod really comes into play.

The anode rod attracts corrosive elements in the water to itself. These rods are sometimes called “sacrificial anodes,” as they sacrifice themselves for the good of the tank. When the anode rod corrodes to a certain point, it needs to be replaced so that the tank does not start rusting.

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