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Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

There are a lot of systems and appliances that modern homeowners use each and every day in order to go about their lives in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. One of the hardest working appliances in any home is the water heater. Because of the amount of use this water heater sees, any problems with the appliance are particularly alarming.

As is the case with any plumbing appliance or component, your water heater may spring a leak. If yours does, you need to contact us right away. Even if the leak seems “minor,” a leaking water heater in New Port Richey is always an emergency.

What’s the Big Deal?

If you notice a small amount of water around your water heater, or some rust on the system, but it seems to be heating water reliably, you may think that these warning signs are not that big of a deal. However, the harsh reality is that certain leaks in a water heater cannot be repaired. They demand a full replacement, and your system may not be operating safely until that replacement is completed.

There are plenty of instances in which an apparent water heater leak may be resolved with repairs. If the pipes feeding the water heater or distributing water into your home from the water heater are leaking, repairs are likely possible. You may have a loose connection, or there may be a single leaking pipe.

In the event of a leak in the tank of the water heater, though, there is no repair to fix the problem. Once the tank goes, a replacement becomes your only option. If you want to avoid potentially serious damage to your property and the risk of unsafe operating conditions, please contact us the moment that you suspect your water heater to be leaking.

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