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Benefits of a Whole-House Water Softener

Monday, May 28th, 2018

washing-beetsThere are a lot of problems that you may encounter with your water quality. Yes, this applies even to those homeowners that do not use a private well for their water supply. The fact that your water is treated by your municipality before it enters your home does not mean that the water coming from your taps is all that pure. That being said, hard water is not necessarily the worst problem that you may encounter with your water quality.

That being said, it is still a problem, and one that can have a number of negative effects on your plumbing system and your overall enjoyment of your water. That is why using a whole-house water softener in Brandon, FL is such a good idea. Hard water is a common issue here in Florida, and you really do not want to ignore it. So read on, learn more about how a water softener can boost your overall water quality, and feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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Who Needs Water Filtration?

Monday, April 30th, 2018

woman-drinking-waterWell, that honestly depends on what you mean by “needs.” The fact of the matter is that, regardless of where you get your water from, be it a private well or a municipal supply, most if not all homes can benefit from a whole-house water filtration system in Tampa, FL and elsewhere. Why is this the case? Because there is typically always room for improvement! If you are going to be drinking tap water (and make no mistake, that expensive bottled water you buy in bulk is probably just filtered tap water) you want it to be as pure as possible.

Before we go any further, we also want to point out that we are not talking about those water filtration pitchers that are found in countless refrigerators throughout the country. Yes, these can be handy and give you some peace of mind. But if you’re so concerned about obtaining pure water for drinking, what about showering, washing dishes, and everything else? With a whole-house system, it’s not just the gallon in the fridge that is pure. It is all of the water coming from your fixtures and filling your appliances.

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Why Use a Water Softener?

Monday, June 12th, 2017

water-softenerIf you think that getting your water from a public supply rather than a private well means that it is definitely of the highest possible quality, we have news for you. There are a lot of different problems that can affect the water coming from your plumbing fixtures, even if that water is treated in a plant. One of them is hard water.

No, we are not talking about ice when we say “hard water.” Instead, we are talking about water with excessively high mineral levels, particularly calcium and magnesium. While these minerals do not really  a health risk the way that certain pollutants in your water might, they can lead to a number of different problems in your home. Using a good water softener in New Port Richey, FL will allow you to resolve the problem conveniently.

But how do you know if there is a problem to begin with?

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Do I Need a Water Treatment System in My Home?

Monday, May 29th, 2017

boy-drinking-waterSome homeowners think that, because they have water that comes from a treated public supply, there is no further action that they must take to have clean water. This is not really the case, though. Sure, homeowners using well water on their property must be very vigilant in treating that water as needed to ensure that it is safe. However, even the water that is treated at a municipal plant and then sent off to homes connected to the city’s plumbing system can be compromised.

So how are you to know if you require a residential water treatment system? Professional water testing is really the only way to determine with certainty what, if any, action must be taken. Before you can even schedule water testing, though, you need to realize that there is possibly something wrong with your water quality. Call our number if you notice any of these symptoms in your home.

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