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Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth the Cost?

Monday, May 14th, 2018

tankless-water-heaterLet’s say some benevolent stranger were to simply hand you a few thousand dollars, telling you to go out and spend it on whatever you’d like. What would you do with that money? If your answer is “Buy a new water heater!” then, frankly, we are surprised. Don’t get us wrong. As professional plumbers, we know better than anyone just how vital a great water heater is. But that still doesn’t mean that it’s the most exciting thing you could spend your money on.

Because of that, some homeowners try to get away with buying the cheapest water heaters they can find. This is rarely the best course of action with any appliance. Other homeowners are willing to spend more, but still choose to stick with tank water heaters because they are more affordable than tankless models are. Now, there are a ton of great tank water heaters out there. However, when researching water heaters in Seminole, FL, we do recommend that you keep tankless models in mind.

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Tank or No Tank: Water Heater Pros and Cons

Monday, November 28th, 2016

It doesn’t matter how hot our climate is for most of the year. You’re going to need reliable hot water in your home. In order to enjoy reliable access to hot water in your residence, you need a great water heater.

The problem is that there are a lot of great water heaters on the market today. Which one is right for you? If you’re serious about getting the most from your water heater, you need to consider your options carefully. A good place to start is by deciding if you want a tank or a tankless water heater in Carrollwood, FL.

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Why Should I Consider the Use of a Tankless Water Heater?

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Water is one of the greatest resources available in our homes, and the ability to heat that water effectively and reliably is a must if you want to make the most of your water supply—and avoid unpleasantly frigid showers! If you are ready to invest in a new water heater, you want to make sure that you weigh your options carefully to ensure that you get the system that most benefits you. For many, a tankless water heater is the way to go.

Tankless water heaters are not ideal for every home or every homeowner. If, upon reviewing the following information, you decide that a tankless water heater is right for you, give us a call. We’ll make sure that you have a great system in place, and that it is installed and serviced properly.

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