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Ask a Plumber: Why Is My Toilet Running?

woman-with-plungerThere are a lot of different components in any residential plumbing system, from the most basic drain pipes to the most advanced water heaters on the market. One staple of the plumbing system, the bathroom plumbing in particular, is, of course, the toilet. The idea of living without a toilet in our homes is one that the vast majority of modern homeowners would scoff at. Because the toilet plays such an important role in our day to day lives, any problems with yours are cause for concern.

If you notice an issue with your toilet and its operation, then you are well-advised to schedule prompt service with a professional plumber in Brooksville, FL. This is not only the case in extreme situations where, say, the entire toilet tank has ruptured. One of the most common issues that we hear from our clients is that their toilets won’t stop running. There are certain jobs that must be left to the pros, but this week we’ll give you a few suggestions on things to check out on your own.

Potential Causes of a Running Toilet

So you may be able to resolve this problem on your own. That’s the good news. Just remember that you need to have some idea of what you are doing and what you are looking at when you open up the tank on the back of the toilet. A likely culprit in this situation is a damaged or otherwise compromised flapper.

At the base of the tank, there is a point at which water feeds into the toilet bowl from the tank. The flapper is a piece of plastic that covers this point and seals it off once the tank has filled back up with water. If the flapper is damaged, or even if it is just misaligned, then it will continually drain water into the bowl, and the tank will fill without stop.

If you check out the flapper and it looks fine and is perfectly lined up, then you may have a problem with the fill valve in the tank. Another potential problem is with the overflow pipe in the tank. This should be above the water line. If it is not, then the water from the tank can drain into it and the tank will keep refilling. Adjusting the float should be enough to resolve this problem.

It’s Not Always Simple

The issues described above are common, and they can usually be handled by a homeowner with a basic DIY comfort level. That being said, never try to fix something that you are not 100% comfortable doing. This can lead to further damage to whatever system you are trying to fix, toilet or otherwise.

If none of these simple fixes seem to be doing the trick, you could have a leak in the tank itself, or another similar problem that is going to require a level of service only a professional plumber can provide. Don’t risk serious inconvenience and water damage by telling yourself that you can live with the sound of a constantly running toilet. When it comes to your plumbing system, prompt repairs are always the right move.

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