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Making Your Water Heater Replacement a Success

servicing-water-heaterWhat would you do if a big bag of cash just showed up at your doorstep? If your response is “buy a new water heater,  obviously!” we’d be, well, surprised.  For most homeowners,  the idea of investing in a new water heater really is not that exciting a proposal. But we all need water heaters in our home, and the fact is that no water heater is perfect. Eventually, you are going to find yourself in need of a water heater replacement in Carrollwood, FL.

While we cannot offer to sell you a water heater that will last forever–we’re far too honest for that–we can help you to find the water heater that best suits your needs and personal user preferences. Keep the following tips in mind to make your water heater replacement a success. If you are ready to schedule service, or want to discuss your options, give the pros on our staff a call today. 

Plan Ahead

Tou are not going to be chomping at the bit to buy a new water heater the way you might a new pair of shoes or a new car. That doesn’t mean that you should wait until your current water heater breaks down entirely before replacing it, though. If you do that, you are going to have a few additional problems to deal with.

  1. You are going to have to go without hot water until a plumber can get over to your home to replace the existing system.
  2. You may not have the funds ready to go at a moment’s notice to replace your water heater when it completely fails.
  3. You risk serious water damage to your property if the tank or a connection should blow.

There is no way to predict the exact date and time your water heater is going to break down on you. However, you should have a general idea of how long any given system is projected to last, and you should have an idea of how your system is functioning. If it’s getting on in years and hasn’t been operating that well, plan for a replacement now and save yourself a headache down the road.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

When investing in a new water heater, be realistic about what your budget really is. Don’t stretch yourself too thin chasing after efficiency and features that you cannot really afford. This doesn’t mean that you should buy the cheapest water heater you can find either, however. Doing that will leave you paying high energy costs for many years to come, and likely being underwhelmed by the system in operational terms.

Hire a Professional

This should go without saying, but let’s face it: everyone loves saving a buck. While you may know some handy people or have some DIY enthusiasm of your own, installing a new water heater is something that must be left to trained professionals. We’ll help you to choose the right new system for your needs, and we’ll make sure that that system is installed and serviced properly every step of the way.

Schedule your water heater services with Experts Plumbing Services, LLC.

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