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Signs of Plumbing Leaks

leak-in-kitchenWith the holidays just around the corner, it can be easy to get wrapped up in thoughts of meals with friends and family, ringing in the new year, and all of the other fun and excitement that this time of the year has to offer. We have to caution you against getting too wrapped up in flights of fancy, however, because certain problems in your home pay no heed to the date on the calendar.

The last thing that you want is to be heading out the door for a holiday vacation, only to realize at the last minute that you have a plumbing leak. While there is never really a convenient time for leaks to develop with your plumbing system, this is definitely one of the most inconvenient. With increased company comes an increased strain on your plumbing in St. Petersburg, FL. Keep these tips in mind to help avoid any interruption to your service.

The Sound of Water Running (Without a Source)

We’ve already put Halloween behind us this year, so we won’t weave a ghastly tale about mysterious sounds in your home without an apparent cause. Suffice to say that there is a lot of plumbing hidden from view in your home, and leaks may develop out of your line of vision.

Because leaks hidden behind walls and above ceilings can result in costly damages by the time they’re discovered, you cannot afford to ignore this problem. If you’re sure that no water is being used in your home, but you hear it running, then give us a call to pinpoint and fix the leak as soon as possible.

Increased Water Costs

Have you noticed that your water bills are higher than usual, despite the fact that there are no additional members of the household and you’ve made no changes in the way that you use water? If so, then you may have a leak that you have not discovered yet.

A good way to test this theory is to check the water meter outside.  Make sure that every tap and appliance using water is shut off, wait an hour, and go check that meter again. If the number is still rising, then you have a leak wasting water somewhere in the system.

Musty Odors

While water damage is certainly a major concern, it is not merely the deterioration of building materials that should concern you about water leaks. You should also keep in mind the way in which damp conditions can promote biological pollutant growth. This includes mold.

If you smell musty odors in your home, notice that your allergy or asthma symptoms are aggravated,  or see signs of mold developing,  contact us right away. These issues can do lasting damage to your home and may also put your health at risk. Don’t let a damp environment dampen your experiences.

Experts Plumbing Services, LLC is here to handle all of your plumbing services, including water leak detection and all manner of plumbing repairs. Contact us with any concerns that you may have.

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