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Is Your Water Line in Trouble?

water-leakOf all the different comforts and conveniences modern homeowners enjoy today, our indoor plumbing systems are near the top of the list. Indoor plumbing is really not a luxury in this day and age. It is an expected part of everyday life, and that is precisely what leads some people–most people, really–to take it for granted. When something goes wrong with the plumbing system, of course, it is much more difficult to take for granted.

Certain problems with your plumbing in Brandon, FL, can have such an impact that they can actually bring the use of your plumbing system grinding to a halt. This is the case when your water line is in trouble. Remember, all of the water that you use in your home comes in through this one pipe. If that pipe is compromised in any way, serious problems will abound. Here are some tips to help you spot signs of trouble with your water line.

Your Water Pressure May Drop

Some people think that, if their main water line is leaking, then the water pressure throughout their home will drop. This may be the case, but it is important to remember that it doesn’t happen in every scenario. Because your water pressure seems normal does not mean that you should avoid other signs of trouble with your water line.

If your water pressure is dropping, but just at one particular fixture or in one given area, you may have a leak. You may also have a problem with that fixture, and even if there is a leak, it is probably not in the water line itself in such cases. Plumbing systems are intricately designed, and pinpointing the source of any such problems is a job for professionals.

Your Yard May Get Soggy

Does the ground beneath your feet feel a bit spongy? Has the weather been fairly dry, but your lawn has a puddle in it? Signs of water in your yard when there really should not be any is definitely cause for concern.

Remember, the ground can absorb and transport a lot of water. That it doesn’t look like wading pool out front doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no cause for concern. If it seems like there is more moisture than normal in your yard, be sure to let us know so that, at the very least, we can rule out water line trouble.

Your Bill Is on the Rise

Depending upon where the leak in the water line is, you may see that wasted water reflected in your water bill. If your water bill is unusually high despite you not using more water than usual, then a water line leak is a possibility.

Just because a leak is not in your water line, of course, doesn’t mean that this isn’t the cause of your high water bill. Even as “minor” a problem like a running toilet can result in serious amounts of wasted water–wasted water that you’re paying for!

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