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How Professional Plumbers Can Inspect Pipes

waterThe right tools in the right hands. That’s the way to get most jobs done properly. You wouldn’t pick up a scalpel and walk into an operating theatre without the proper education and training, and you shouldn’t just pick up a toolbox and go into a plumbing job unprepared, either. Tools are only going to get you so far, after all. Without the extensive background knowledge that true professionals possess, those tools are only going to get you into further trouble.

When it comes to inspecting pipes, our Clearwater Plumbers are the professionals you want doing the job. It is not just because they have the right tools for doing so, though they certainly do. It is because they have the skills and expertise necessary for putting those tools to great use! If you have any concerns about pipes in your home, even if you have no idea where a suspected problem may be, give us a call right away. A quick intervention by qualified pros is definitely your best course of action.

So, What … ? You’ll Take Saws and a Sledgehammer to My Walls?

Yes, first we’ll cut out a big panel and shine a flashlight in. If necessary we’ll take a few swings with—we’re just pulling your leg. No, we are not going to go into the job blind. Technology has come a long way over the years, and the technology regularly used in the plumbing industry is no exception to this rule. When you contact us to report a problem with your pipes, we’ve got much better ways of going about with our preliminary inspections.

We Use Video Cameras

Oh, great, they’re pulling my leg again. As if you could jam a video camera down a drain! Well, no, we’re not—and yes, we can. Although “jamming” it down a drain is not quite accurate, as we have tiny little cameras that give us the huge benefit of peering right into your pipes!

It’s called video camera pipe inspection, and the equipment is as impressive as the process is simple (for trained professionals, mind you). We have a flexible cable that is fed down into your plumbing system, and that cable has a tiny little video camera at the tip. This camera feeds back real-time images from within your pipes, which we can use to evaluate the condition of those pipes.

Looking for a clog? We can spot it. Concerned about degradation within the pipes? We can see it. We can even save the footage for further review, and we can show you exactly what the problem is so that you can better understand why we are suggesting any given course of action.

That’s Not All!

This is just one example of the type of equipment that we have at our disposal. If you suspect that you have a wasteful leak in your plumbing system, we can also use equipment such as seismic vibration detectors that will lead us right to the source of the leak. With our fully-loaded trucks and fully-prepared plumbers, you can count on getting the accurate answers that you need.

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