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How You Can Avoid Clogged Drains

pipe-flowingThere are a lot of problems that may develop with any residential plumbing system. Of particular concern are those problems that occur in the drainage side of the system. You really don’t want your drain pipes to start leaking on you, nor do you want them to back up due to clogs. Unfortunately, clogged drains are among the most common problems that we see in homes throughout the area.

While occasional clogged drains are all but unavoidable, the fact remains that a lot of these clogs really are the result of carelessness on the part of the user. You cannot completely eliminate the possibility of clogged drains in Spring Hill, FL. What you can do, however, is take the proper steps to reduce the risk of such problems developing in your home.

Use Drain Covers–Everywhere.

When we come into homes in order to clear out drain clogs, hair is a major culprit. Chances are that you keep drain covers in your kitchen sink in order to keep food matter out of the drain. However, you should be using drain covers of some kind in the bathroom, too. Be sure to clean the cover after your showers, and think about brushing your hair out before you hop in and get the water running. You may not want to keep a cover in the bathroom sink, but we recommend that you wipe whiskers from shaving out of the sink rather than rinse them down the drain.

Use Your Disposal  Properly

If you think that you can put just about anything down your garbage disposal, think again. Garbage disposals have limitations,  and you should keep certain materials out of the disposal at all costs. Grains and starches, such as rice and pasta, can absorb water and swell up, causing clogs. Grease, fats, and oil can congeal when they mixed up with cold water in the drain, and those materials can seriously clog up your drains.

Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning

We know that there are a lot of homeowners out there that pride themselves on taking good care of their properties on their own. However, we strongly recommend that you leave some jobs to professionals. Drain cleaning is one such job.

True, there are chemical cleaners that you can buy at the market and pour down your drains. Yes, you can even purchase a hand drain auger at the hardware store. Those chemical cleaners are not environmentally friendly, though, and will likely leave much of the clog behind once it is broken up enough to just let the cleaner through.

A hand drain auger may be a better option, but clearing out a clogged drain is something that you probably are not going to do as effectively as professionals can. You may force the auger through the clog, thinking that you’ve actually removed the blockage entirely. You could also fail to reach the clog if it is deeper in the system than you originally thought.

For great results, schedule professional drain cleaning with Experts Plumbing Services, LLC. 

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