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Does Your Sewer Line Need to Be Replaced?

Chances are that you don’t give your sewer line much thought. You flush your toilet and drain your tub, and the wastewater exits your house. But if the sewer line connecting your drainage system to the municipal sewer system should be damaged, you won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is definitely not the attitude to adopt when it comes to your sewer line. In the following post, we’ll discuss some potential signs of sewer line problems, as well as their potential causes. If your sewer line in Tampa, FL needs to be repaired or replaced, our professional plumbers can handle the job.

When to Contact Us

The moment you suspect that there’s a problem with your sewer line is the moment that you should call us to schedule service. There are a few different warning signs that may alert you to problems. Because your sewer line is not visible, familiarizing yourself with these signs is hugely beneficial.

  • Foul odor: The odor coming from a sewer line is not going to be pleasant. If your plumbing fixtures are emitting a sewage odor, of if you should smell such an odor anywhere on your property, be sure to alert a member of our team right away. Trust us, you’ll know it when you smell it.
  • Green patches: If you have a random patch of exceptionally lush, green grass on your lawn, it could be a sign of trouble. The sewage leaking from the sewer line beneath this area could essentially be fertilizing the grass above.
  • Frequent clogs: You’ve no doubt dealt with a backed up toilet or sink at some point. In many cases, such issues are the result of shallow clogs in the system. You may also have tree roots that have grown into your sewer line, blocking the passage of waste and wastewater through the pipe. If this is the case, the line will need to be cleared. If sufficient damage is done, it may be necessary to replace the line.

The age of your sewer line, the material its made from, and environmental factors like tree roots and shifting soil will all have an impact on your sewer line. Whatever the case may be, you can trust Experts Plumbing Services, LLC to guarantee that the sewer line is repaired or replaced correctly the first time.

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